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G1 Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals

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mechanical seal repair
mechanical seals

Mechanical Seal Repair & Failure Analysis

Gaddis offers a mechanical seal repair service. Save money by having your mechanical seals repaired. Gaddis provides mechanical seal repairs for pumps, grinders, and mixers/colloid mills. As a solution provider, we offer a seal failure analysis to help you keep your seals running longer. 

G1 Cartridge Mechanical Seals
Cartridge Seals

G1 Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Our G1 Cartridge Mechanical Seals are available in single spring, multi-spring, and welded metal bellows in a balanced or unbalanced single, double or tandem configurations. Universal styles for standard applications. Special designs as required. Click here for our range drawings. 

Gaddis Inc. - Custom Mechanical Seal Design

Custom Design

Gaddis has over 40 years experience in the manufacturing of components for the rotating equipment industry. We manufacture custom engineered solutions for your specific mechanical seal applications with a focus on quality, service and value.  Let Gaddis be your solutions provider for mechanical seals.

Gaddis Inc. - Replacement Mechanical Seals
mechanical seals

Mechanical Seals

We provide quality new and replacement mechanical seals and seal parts for over 400 OEM pumps , mixers, and grinders.    


Engineered Materials


While much of our focus has been in the area of rotating equipment like compressors, pumps, and mixers, we do manufacture components for many other applications.  The Gaddis Engineered Materials Division has expanded our offerings to include components manufactured from a wide variety of “Technical Ceramics.”

Materials include but are not limited to Alumina Ceramics,  Carbon-Graphite, Silicon Carbide, and Tungsten Carbide. We also offer a  variety of filled polymer materials.

Gadrock pump sleeves. Heat treated.

Gadrock® Pump Shaft Sleeves

Why Uses Bronze Or 304SS Shaft Sleeves In Your Pumps?

Gadrock® Pump Shaft Sleeves Are:

  • Harder
  • Tougher
  • Easier To Remove From The Shaft
  • Have Less Packing Leakage

Introducing Gaddis Inc

Learn more about our great company by clicking on the video link. See how we are able to provide mechanical seals and mechanical seal repair at a lower cost. Gaddis is your mechanical seal solutions provider

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