About Gaddis Inc.

Gaddis, Mechanical Seals, Inc. is a mechanical seal manufacturer that repairs, replicates, and has replacement seals for over 400 brands of pumps, mixers, grinders and compressors. With over 100 years combined experience our engineers and sales staff work closely with our customers to provide accurate practical, and competitively priced services for a wide range of industry applications. Our goal is to provide the best mechanical sealing solutions for your application.

A History of Providing Exceptional Service

Gaddis Inc. has a long history of providing high-quality results to our clients. The business was started by Dr. Frank Gaddis and his wife Marie in New York.  Almost 30 years ago it was moved to South Carolina by Bob and Linda Gaddis, Dr. Frank Gaddis’s son and daughter-in-law. Over the years, Gaddis, Inc. has grown and now provides a broad range of solutions for clients mechanical seal problems.

Still considered a small business, Gaddis Mechanical Seals is grounded in old school values. We treat our customers with honesty, provide good service, and create long term relationships that we value. The Gaddis corporate culture is one that puts the customer’s need first. Our employees go above and beyond to help provide a satisfactory analysis of any and all Mechanical seal issues they might have and then providing the correct solution.

Comprehensive Services for Seal Needs

Our comprehensive services are designed to give our clients value for their money.  That value is provided by our experienced engineering and sales staff. Our engineering and sales staff can identify the seal needed for your application no matter who the manufacturer is.

If a repair is needed, we can identify the reason for failure, recommend the appropriate materials, and provide a repaired seal that will operate as good as or better than the original seal. If the seal is unrepairable, we can provide a replacement, even upgrading the materials if warranted.  We can provide replacement seals for over 400 brands of pumps, mixers, grinders and compressors!

If the seal is unique to the application, we can replicate the seal or design a new seal to perform in the same application.  Our services all save the customer money by providing them a solution at a cost less than a new seal from an OEM and give value as a dependable company that provides a unique service that produces bottom line results.

Dedicated to High Quality Employee Care

Happy employees make happy customers. The Gaddis family place the highest regards for their employee’s satisfaction and well being. Their employees recognize how much the company appreciates their services. Gaddis Inc. cares about its employees, and they check in with them often. Happy employees always make for happy customers.

We work to provide our employees opportunities to do meaningful work in a positive atmosphere. Every day is an adventure and a new opportunity to help others and support the community as a whole. Ensuring our employees feel like family is a priority. We do everything we can to help ensure they are treated with respect each day they work with us to meet our clients’ needs.

A Company Built on Dedication to Our Clients

There are many ways we can work to meet the needs of our clients. We strive to listen, solve problems, and provide reliable products and services. In addition to this, we also offer exceptional quality and workmanship on any product we create for our clients.

Using innovative solutions and hard work, each member of our team works to create solutions for our clients. Our mechanical seals are designed for precision and long life, ensuring our clients are fully satisfied with the finished product every time.

There are many ways we can work to meet the needs of our clients

Gaddis Mechanical Seals

Ask us about all of our products, including mechanical seal repair and failure analysis, G1 cartridge mechanical seals, custom design solutions, and replacement seals for most products used today. We also offer engineered materials for rotating equipment.