G1 Cartridge Mechanical Seals

Robust Balanced Multi-Spring Seal With Springs Isolated From Product For Tough Applications

  • Your Smart Choice For Your Standard and ANSI Pumps.
  • Installed Properly will handle 250 psi, 3600 RPM’s, up to 350 F.
  • Shipped with Fully Dimensioned Assembly Drawing
  • Advantages:
    • Intergrated/platform Single Cartridge Seal Design
    • Hydraulically Balanced
    • Universal Slotted with Flush Only Gland Plated
    • Compact
    • Drive Mechanisms, Springs, & Sleeve Isolated From Product.
    • Metal Parts – 316SS (others available by request)
    • Dynamic Elastomer Moves on a Non-Metallic Surface and Eliminates Fretting
    • Includes a Flush- Position Maximizes Face Cooling
    • Factory Tested Before Shipping
    • Prompt Delivery
  • Standard & Big Bore Cartridge Mechanical Seals Available ( See Below )
    • Metric Sizes Available at Request

Which Mechanical Seal is Right for you

G1 Cartridge Seal Range Drawing For ANSI Pumps Standard Bore (pdf)

G1 Cartridge Seal Range Drawing For ANSI Pumps Big Bore (pdf)