Mechanical Seal Failure Analysis Services

Our Industry-Leading Seal Failure Analysis Services 

At Gaddis Mechanical Seals, mechanical seal failure analysis is just one of the industry-leading services that we are proud to offer to our loyal customers. Combining cutting-edge technology with decades of combined experience, we are able to precisely pinpoint the cause of any seal failure. This service enables you to prevent whatever issue that caused your seal to fail from repeating itself when a new seal is installed.  

Why Mechanical Seal Failure Diagnostics Are Important 

When a mechanical seal fails in one of your operation’s vital pieces of equipment, figuring out the cause of the failure is often even more important than procuring a replacement seal. After all, if there is an underlying issue causing your seals to fail, replacing the seal is only going to be a temporary fix. Unless you plan on purchasing and installing new seals on a regular basis – something that can quickly become both expensive and time-consuming – figuring out the cause of your seal failures is an essential objective. 

This is where mechanical seal failure diagnostic services can prove highly valuable. By simply examining your broken seal, we at Gaddis Mechanical Seals are able to pinpoint the exact cause of its failure, enabling you to perform whatever repairs are necessary to keep the same issue from happening again in the future. 

How Our Mechanical Seal Failure Analysis Services Work 

At Gaddis Mechanical Seals, we strive to make our seal failure diagnostic services as convenient as possible for our valued customers. All you have to do is send us your broken seal along with any available information regarding where the seal was located and the events leading up to its failure. From there, our expert team will perform a wide range of diagnostics to determine the exact cause behind the seal’s failure. 

This includes inspecting the seal’s O-rings, face, springs, gasket, and every other component. By determining the exact component within the seal that failed and analyzing the design of the equipment that it came from, we are able to provide our customers with an accurate and detailed description of exactly what needs to be fixed in order to prevent the same issue from happening again. 

 Common Causes of Seal Failure 

There are a number of varying reasons why mechanical seals fail, which is why determining the cause of mechanical seal failure tends to require complex equipment and an experienced eye. With that said, a few of the more common factors that often lead to mechanical seal failure include factors such as: 

  • Incorrect seal installation 
  • Excess vibration 
  • Incorrect seal choice 
  • Contaminated lubricant 
  • Bearing wear 
  • Misalignment 

Of course, these are just a few of the more common causes of mechanical seal failure. When you trust Gaddis Mechanical Seals for your seal failure analysis needs, you can rest assured that we will be able to determine the exact cause of the problem no matter what it happens to be. 

Mechanical Seal Repair/Replacement Services 

Once you’ve highlighted the issue that is causing your seals to fail and ensured that the issue won’t repeat itself, you’ll be able to install a new seal with the confidence that it won’t fail again in the same manner. Installing a new seal, though, starts with either repairing your broken seal or procuring a replacement. Thankfully, Gaddis Mechanical Seals offers exceptional seal repair and replacement services in addition to our seal failure analysis services. 

After determining the cause of your seal’s failure, our team then determines whether it is more affordable to repair your current seal or design a replacement. In either case, you can look forward to a fully functional and ready-to-install seal that is shipped to your location in a timely manner. We are also happy to provide a free quote on the cost to either repair or replace a seal before moving forward. 

In the event that your current seal is damaged beyond repair and a replacement seal is not already available for sale, we are able to fabricate a new, custom seal that is designed to perfectly meet your needs. 

Contact Gaddis Mechanical Seals Today For Your Seal Failure Analysis Needs 

If a seal in a piece of machinery that is critical to your company’s operations has failed, determining the exact cause of this failure is essential if you hope to prevent the same issue from causing even more downtime and expenses in the future. Thankfully, Gaddis Mechanical Seals makes seal failure analysis more convenient and affordable than ever before. 

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