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At Gaddis Mechanical Seals, we offer a wide range of seal repair and replacement services. Whether you need to repair a damaged seal, design a replacement, perform a failure analysis, or anything in-between, you can count on the mechanical seal repair professionals at Gaddis Mechanical Seals.

Mechanical Seal Repair

A mechanical seal failure can leave your critical rotary equipment nonfunctional and grind your business to a halt. Thankfully, Gaddis Mechanical Seals offers dependable and affordable mechanical seal repair for a broad range of machinery, including mixers/colloid mills, grinders, pumps, compressors and more. All you have to do is ship your damaged seals to our state-of-the-art facility and our seal repair experts take care of the rest. Once we receive your seal, we start by thoroughly cleaning and examining them in order to determine the source of the damage before identifying and designing replacement parts.

After carefully designing replacement parts for your damaged seals, we manufacture the required parts before performing all necessary repairs and shipping your tested seals back to you in like new. By making use of durable materials and a meticulous repair process, we are able to extend the life-cycle of your damaged seals so that you are able to avoid the expense of purchasing new seals.

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Mechanical Seal Redesign

If you need to design a new seal for your application, Gaddis Mechanical Seals can help. We can design a custom seal for a unique piece of equipment or a replacement seal no longer carried by the OEM. Our experienced team of engineers and state of the art equipment allow us to design and manufacture a variety of high-quality seals. After working closely with you, our engineering department will create the exact requirements for your new seal. We then work to create the perfect design for your new seal before manufacturing it in any quantity you desire.

Our commitment to quality ensures you receive a mechanical seal built for the application and with the correct materials for the application. If you need to design and manufacture a mechanical seal solution for your rotary equipment, you can count on our expert engineers at Gaddis Mechanical Seals to help you through every step of the process.

Mechanical Seal Replacement

At Gaddis Mechanical Seals, our industry-leading seal repair services allow us to repair or upgrade most mechanical seals. In rare cases, though, the damage to a mechanical seal is too severe to repair. Gaddis Mechanical Seals has replacement seals for over 400 brands of OEM pumps, mixers and grinders. We have the ability to provide these replacement seals at a significant cost savings over OEM seals due to the cross referencing ability of our records that go back almost 40 years and our inside engineers ability to identify the type of seals used in your equipment. Over the years, Gaddis Mechanical Seals has formed close relationships with some of the best mechanical seal providers in the world today. By leveraging these relationships, we are able to pass our sizable savings on to our customers in order to offer the best mechanical seals on the market at the lowest prices you will find.

Our engineers will also work with you to fully understand your specific requirements in order to ensure that we provide the perfect mechanical seal for your needs. If you want to guarantee that you purchase a mechanical seal that will function in the application while also ensuring that you receive the best price on the market today, we at Gaddis Mechanical Seals are able to help.

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Seal Failure Analysis

In many cases, understanding why your mechanical seals are failing is critical to performing repairs. For example, if there is a flaw in the performance of your equipment that is causing seal failure, purchasing a replacement is only going to be a temporary solution. Understanding and identifying the cause of failure enables you to perform the necessary repairs to avoid any reoccurring issues that will cause additional down time. Our seal failure analysis service is designed to accurately pinpoint the reason for the root cause of damage to your mechanical seal.

Thanks to our experienced team of engineers our carefully formulated failure analysis process is able to accurately highlight the underlying cause of the damage so that you are able to avoid running into the same problem with your equipment in the future.

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Machine Shop

While we at Gaddis Mechanical Seals focus especially on seal repair and failure analysis, our state-of-the-art facility allows us to perform an incredibly wide range of custom manufacturing projects. Any unique component you are needing to design and manufacture, we at Gaddis Mechanical Seals are able to help. After working with you to understand your needs and requirements, we’ll get started creating a design for you.

Once this design has been carefully analyzed and approved by both you and our engineering team, we are able to produce your new component in any quantity that you desire using the best materials and manufacturing processes available today. At Gaddis Mechanical Seals, we love the challenge of designing and manufacturing components unlike anything else available on the market. When you need to ensure that your custom component is perfectly designed and flawlessly manufactured, you can count on the expert team and cutting-edge machine shop at Gaddis Mechanical Seals.

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