Gadrock® is a propriety high carbon martensitic stainless steel.

It has high strength with good hardness & wear resistance. 

These sleeves are heat-treated using our Gadrock® process.

Gadrock® has good corrosion resistance.

It is not suitable for caustics, acids & certain chemicals.

Check with engineering before using if you have any doubt.

Why are gadrock® pump shaft sleeves harder?

70%  Harder Than 304SS  Shaft Sleeves 

130%  Harder Than #660 Bronze Shaft Sleeves 

Here Are The Facts

Hardness Rockwell “B “ Scale

# 660  Bronze @ 65

304SS  @ 70

Gadrock @ 120

Why Are Gadrock® pump Shaft Sleeves Tougher?

99% Tougher Than 304SS Shaft Sleeves

800%  Tougher Than #660  Bronze Shaft Sleeves

Here Are The Facts:

Tensile Strength Yield  @ 0.200%  

660  Bronze  @ 18,100 P.S.I.

304SS  @ 73,200 P.S.I,

Gadrock  @ 145, 800 P.S.I.

Why Are Gadrock® pump Shaft Sleeves Easier To Remove?

The Thermal Expansion Of A Gadrock Pump Shaft Sleeves Is

44% Less Than Bronze & 39% Less Than 304SS

So The Possibility Of The Pump Sleeve Sticking

On The Pump Shaft Is Less.

Here Are The Facts:

Linear Thermal Expansion Rate

Formula  X 10(-6) ( in / in F Deg. )

Bronze  11.3

304SS  9.6

Gadrock 6.3

Gadrock® pump Shaft Sleeves Have A Uniform Hardness Thru Out

Here Are The Facts:

A Coated Shaft Sleeve Can Wear Thru The  Coating Or The

Coating Can Be Heat Checked From The Thermal Expansion

Resulting In Excess Leakage & Sleeve Failure.

How Do I Get A Quotation & Order Gadrock® Shaft Sleeves?

If the Shaft Sleeve Has Not Been Ordered Before Send New Shaft Sleeve Or Old Shaft Sleeve 

With A Request For Quotation To:

Gaddis Inc. – 386  Spanish Wells Road – Hilton Head, SC 29926

Call 888-681-4665 For Shipping Details.

Initial Drawings & Quotations Are 1-2 Wks. After Receipt Of Sample*

Manufacturing New Shaft Sleeves Are 3-4 Wks. A.R.O.*

* Expedited Service Is Available On Request

Include Any Or All Of the Following Data When Supplying Each New Shaft Sleeves So Samples Will Not Be  Required In The Future

Pump Data Including Name Of Pump Manufacturer With Their Model. Frame, Size, Serial Number, And Part Number For The Shaft Sleeve We Are  Replacing.

Service Data Including What Is The Pump Used For With Location. Equipment #. Etc...

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